Subscription Services

Have you ever wanted to be able to e-mail a lawyer a question and get a response without having to make an appointment and pay a substantial retainer? Now you can! For a reasonable monthly subscription fee, we're here to answer your questions!

How does it work?

You pick a subscription package based off of how much time you anticipate you will need each month to ask legal questions. The subscription package contains a set amount of attorney time per month for responses to your questions and the following discounts on other services not included in the subscription package.

  • 15% off annual review package for entities;
  • 15% off Contract Drafting services;
  • 15% off Contract Review services; and
  • 10% off all other law office services.

We believe that businesses operate better, are more profitable, and manage their risk better when they are not afraid to "run their questions by" their lawyer. We make that ability affordable for all businesses, no matter how established or how large or small their legal budget. No more worrying about unexpected legal bills for day-to-day questions. Now small businesses and startups can budget in advance for their legal advice.


The prices below assume a minimum initial term of 12 months and payment of 6 months in advance; terms as short as 6 months are available at higher prices than listed. Terms shorter than 6 months are not available to prevent abuse of the discounts on other services. After initial term, subscriptions renew on a month to month basis at the then existing subscription prices. All time is kept in 6-minute increments. Subscriptions cannot be interchanged between more than one business or for personal use. Each business entity needing legal advice needs its own subscription. The discounts apply to the attorney's fees portion of services only and not to any expenses. No litigation, direct negotiation, representation in front of an administrative law judge, arbitrator, or other administrative body is covered by the subscription. The subscription is intended for outside general counsel services in a Question-and-Answer format for Texas small business. It's possible that the law firm will not be able to answer all questions; particularly those questions related to federal tax and those questions outside of the law firm's practice areas and Mr. Miller's competencies. All services that are not included in the subscription require a separate fee agreement. We reserve the right to change these prices at any time without any prior notice; existing subscription prices will be governed by the terms of a written fee agreement signed by both lawyer and client. Subscriptions on behalf of entities may require signature and conflict waiver from other owners of business if they are past clients or past adverse parties. Not all visitors will be able to be subscription clients due to the lawyer ethic's rules, conflicts of interest, and the availability of the law office.

Contacting the law firm does not create an attorney-client relationship; only a written contract signed by both lawyer and client can form an attorney-client relationship. All use of this website is subject to the site's Disclaimer and by visiting this site you agree to the Disclaimer without modification. All prices listed on the website are subject to change without notice and are subject to the Disclaimer and the Prices page.

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