All new client screening happens through this Contact form

In order for us to provide high quality services, we need information from the potential client about the client and the legal issue. A short intake form for the client to fill out is the best way for the lawyer to get this information. The intake paperwork helps streamline our initial consult. We won't waste time asking the basic questions in the form and it frees up more time for you to ask questions. It is now our policy that all intake will be through our website, which will then initiate the new-client screening process. Please be sure that your e-mail address is valid so we can reply to you.

Existing clients should login through the Secure Communications Portal via CLIO. There is a convenient link to it at the bottom of each web page, or you can click here: .

New-client callers will be directed to our website for new client intake. Potential new clients that refuse to use this contact form for new client screening are not eligible for a free initial consult and may be charged our regular hourly rate, paid in advance of the consultation, for any phone or office consults.

No Confidential Information

Do not send this law office any confidential information unless instructed to do so in writing. Attorney-client privilege does not apply to this web form. An attorney-client relationship is not created by using this form. An attorney-client relationship will only be formed between you and this law office upon both lawyer and client signing a written fee agreement. The law office also needs to do a conflict of interest check before receiving confidential information from you.

It may be that we formerly represented an adverse party to you; in those situations we may have to decline to represent you according to the lawyer ethics rules unless we satisfy the strict requirements in those rules. If you send confidential information, and we represent an adverse party, you may confer an advantage on the adverse party. This website will never instruct you to send this law office any confidential information. E-mail and web forms are by default insecure and confidential information may inadvertently be shown to third parties. A secure encrypted messaging system is available to existing clients who prefer more security than e-mail provides.

Two Business Days for Reply

We strive to return contact within 1-2 business days. However, sometimes this does not occur due to scheduling issues, illness, vacation, travel, court, etc.. If you have not heard a reply from us in 2 business days, please contact us again because something has gone wrong.

Accurate Information

By using our webform, you represent that the information entered is true, correct, and accurate. If your e-mail address is incorrect we may not be able to contact you in reply.

Although the Valid Mailing Address and the Telephone are optional in the contact form, we recommend that you fill them in in case there is an issue with your e-mail address. If there is an issue with your e-mail address, and you don't provide us your mailing address or phone number, we will have no way to reply to your message.

Contacting the law firm does not create an attorney-client relationship; only a written contract signed by both lawyer and client can form an attorney-client relationship. All use of this website is subject to the site's Disclaimer and by visiting this site you agree to the Disclaimer without modification. All prices listed on the website are subject to change without notice and are subject to the Disclaimer and the Prices page.

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